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Technical Paper

Case Study on Thermal Management Strategies for HDD BS VI Exhaust Aftertreatment Performance Using Semi Physical Modelling Approach

This paper focuses on assessment of different thermal management strategies for heavy duty Diesel(HDD) engine aftertreatment using semi-physical model for both engine and aftertreatment. Aftertreatment configuration of DOC, DPF and SCR is considered for six cylinder HDD engine. SCR reaction kinetics, ammonia adsorption and desorption parameters were calibrated with the data from synthetic test bench. Calibrated aftertreatment model is integrated with semi physical 6-cylinder HDD engine model to validate over steady state as well as transient measurement data. Engine model is modified for different thermal management strategies such as Intake, Exhaust throttle valve, start of main injection, Post injection and evaluated for their impact on performance and emission parameters. Results over operating point are analysed to select best strategy at cold operating zone.