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Technical Paper

Dynamic Response Evaluation of a Chassis of a Generator Set Using FEA techniques

A Generator set is comprised of mainly an Engine, Alternator and Chassis. High Horse-Power Generator development is challenging, with lots of complexities in physical and virtual validations. Creating high fidelity analytical model is always beneficial and economical at the design stages as it avoids repetitive tests on various design concepts. This paper reports analytical methods of developing an FEA model of a Generator for locomotive application and its correlation with Test. Highlighted as well are some of the challenges faced in FE modeling of a large Generator model (60 liters engine capacity) with node count of around 4 million. In this technique, Modal Analysis is first performed to capture the dynamic behavior. More than 95 % correlation is achieved between the FEA and test natural frequencies (Bending modes). Harmonic Analysis with Modal Superposition is then applied to understand the dynamic response of a Chassis under the action of engine vibratory loads.