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Technical Paper

Study of Nano Particle Emissions and It's Metrices for Diesel 4-Wheelers Evaluation of Vehicle Categories, Models and Model Years at Different Fuel Levels

In recent studies, the health implications of ultra fine particle emissions from vehicles have been investigated in a number of international studies. The adverse health effects are not only dependent on total particulate mass but also on other attributes including size, number and surface area of the particles. These ultra fine particles cause more adverse effect than larger particles. With this need UNECE GRPE had launched a Particulate Measurement Program (PMP) to formulate the regulation to control both particulate mass and number of ultra fine particles. These new regulations are applicable to the diesel and gasoline direct injection passenger cars and heavy duty engines of Euro-V/VI technology. However, at present the other vehicle categories and alternate fuels are not been covered. Limited experiments have been carried-out on the in-use vehicles which are with old technologies.