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Technical Paper

Optimization of GENSET Engine for CPCB- II Norms using Cost Effective Techniques

The major challenge that is faced by most of the engine manufacturers nowadays is to meet the stringent emission norms with least modification in the engine design. In achieving the emission norms simplicity of the design has to be maintained as far as possible by optimizing the available emission control techniques. This paper deals with such optimal technique with reduced cost and up gradation of the engine from CPCB I to CPCB II in minimum time with minimum design changes. This difficult task is achieved by adopting direct continuous EGR and intercooler with appropriate injection timing and optimizing the fuel injection pump in a cost effective manner. The experiment is carried out on 2.86 litre turbocharged engine giving power output 44.5 kW @1500 rpm. In order to achieve the NOx emission norms LLR FIP is used, to retard the injection timing at part loads to reduce the in-cylinder temperature.