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Technical Paper

Organic Compound Exhaust Analysis from Ethanol-Gasoline Fueled Motorcycle

Ethanol-Gasoline was being promoted in China. Ethanol as substitute fuel could save such nature resource that cannot be regenerated. At the same time, oxygen additives also have potential dangerous, such as, poisonous organic compound. In this paper, a typical 125 mL four stroke single cylinder motorcycle was driven on chassis dynamometer at 5 different stable conditions which is specified in ECE 40 driving cycle. At each stably driving condition, raw gas from exhaust pipe was collected in corresponding bags respectively. Those samples were analyzed by means of gas chromatogram and mass spectrum analyzer (Agilent GC6890-MS5973). Poisonous ethanol compound such as benzene, toluene had been found in samples from ethanol blended fueled motorcycle exhausts and compared with samples from that of pure gasoline.