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Technical Paper

Friction Reduction Effect of the New Concept Bearing with Partial Twin Grooves in Cold Condition

Engine friction reduction is an effective means to improve fuel consumption. Fluid friction reduction of main bearing is examined for engine friction reduction in cold condition. As one of the examinations, it was focused on low temperature of lubricating oil in the early stage during engine cold start. In hydrodynamic lubrication, the oil film temperature is maintained by balance between heat generation and heat transfer. The heat generation is generated by shear of lubricating oil. The factors of the heat transfer, the following elements are considered as follows, A) The heat transfer to a crank shaft, B) The heat transfer to a bearing, C) The heat transfer by convection. If the heat generation is constant, oil film temperature is increased by reduction of heat transfer. It is considered that the reduction of oil leakage and reduction of the heat transfer by convection is equivalent.