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Technical Paper

Development of alloy cast iron for press die

This paper describes the development of alloy cast iron that can be used for the cutting edges of the trimming die of a press die. Usually, a block of tool steel or steel casting is inserted at the cutting edge of the trimming die of a press die. However, we unified the structure part and the cutting-edge part of a press die with alloy cast iron. As it can''t bear as the cutting edge in this state, the cutting edge is processed by flame-hardening. After the flame- hardening, we developed the alloy cast iron so that enough hardness may be obtained by natural air cooling. Thereby, the machining of the installation seat of the cutting edge decreased and the expense of dies has been reduced.
Technical Paper

Binding Force Control of Uni-Pressure Cushion in Automobile Panel Stamping

Recently, single action draw with cushion replaces draw with double action presses. In the single action draw, binding fluctuation problem occurs by its structure. We applied an NC cushion to prevent the problem. We compared the cushion force wave with and without an NC cushion. The NC cushion showed effective damping. We studied the binding force control of a side member outer panel. The panel didn't have the formable range of binding. This means the lowest binding force to avoid wrinkling, still had crack problems. We introduce four patterns of binding force control with the NC cushion. As a result, we found the suitable pattern to suppress the surface distortion. Controlling the binding force shows effectiveness as a means of suppressing surface distortions.