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Technical Paper

Turbine-Electric Tractor-Trailer Test Rig

This paper describes and summarizes the tests of an electrically propelled tractor-trailer with power on all axles. The test rig showed superior performance over standard tractor-trailer vehicles of the same size and power on highways, beaches, and hills. It demonstrated that electric propulsion for heavy-duty applications can perform well in on-road and off-road applications. Further, it can be made cost effective by utilizing commercially available electrical equipment.
Technical Paper

Family of Military Engineer Construction Equipment (FAMECE)

A review of the U. S. Army concept for development of a Family of Military Engineer Construction Equipment (FAMECE) in light of basic problems facing the military engineer is presented. Problems evaluated are air and ground mobility, increased productivity, maintenance of unit integrity, and standardization of unit design. Although in the past the military attempted to develop lightweight, compact equipment which could be disassembled, such equipment did not perform to operational standards under field conditions. This led, however, to the FAMECE concept of a power module being utilized with a wide variety of work moduli. It addresses the problems of mobility, standardization, and logistics. At present, the program is well along in terms of conceptual design and is backed by several years of research and development efforts.
Technical Paper

FAMECE and The Army's Concept of Prototype Validation

This paper presents a discussion of the Family of Military Engineer Equipment (FAMECE) and a new Army method, called validation prototyping, used to help in developing future equipment. The FAMECE system is described insofar as modules, intentions for use of the system,capabilities of the equipment, and projected reliability and maintainability features. FAMECE has progressed through the planning stages of the conceptual phase; the major part of this paper discusses future development of FAMECE.