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Technical Paper

On the Formability of Automotive TRIP Steels

The issue of cost and weight reduction at optimum car crash safety is a driving force behind the growing use of advanced high strength steels, particularly in Europe and Japan. Recent developments in the availability of high strength steel (HSS) sheets in North America; in particular transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steels, offer an attractive option to the automotive designer for weight reduction and improved safety performance. For example, the use of TRIP steels, as opposed to more conventional steel products such as high strength low alloy (HSLA), in some applications may result in up to 40% part weight reduction at similar vehicle crash performance. When the excellent formability of TRIP steel is considered at product design stage, it may also lead to reducing part count and tooling cost. In this paper the formability of TRIP steels of various gauges is assessed. Experimental forming limit curves (FLCs) are determined for T600 grade.
Technical Paper

Influence of AHSS Part Geometric Features on Crash Behavior

Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) are replacing conventional high strength low-alloyed steels (HSLA) in crash sensitive body in white (BIW) applications. Along with innovative product design, they offer superior crash energy management and vehicle weight reduction potential. However, Controlling springback and dimensional accuracy is one of the major concerns in manufacturing AHSS parts. One of the most effective springback control techniques is to design a part with added geometric features such as side stiffening beads, state beads, top hat beads, and embossments, etc. at the product design stage. On the other hand, product design communities tend to believe that the above listed features may result in premature crash initiation in the part. This paper uses an innovative and experimentally verified finite element method (FEM) for crash sensitive component design and optimization.