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Technical Paper

Practical Use of the Engine Testing Dyno with the Vehicle Simulation for the MotoGP Race Engine Development

MotoGP is the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, with the world's top riders racing 800cc prototype machines at leading venues around the world. The riders compete against each other to win the title and show their superiority. The manufacturers have improved the engines every year to gain high power with low-fuel consumption. The percentage of the duration in fully open throttle is less than 20% of the race, but the partial throttle is used as much as 80%. Moreover, when the rider accelerates the machine, the front tire is easy to be lifted from the ground. In the middle of corner, the rider cannot open the throttle fully because of the tire slip. Therefore, it is the most important factor to appropriately control a throttle in the partial area. The Drive-By-Wire (DBW) system is one of the solutions for the force control. The vehicle simulation in the engine dyno test helped efficiently to evaluate the DBW.