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Use of HVOF Thermal Spray Coatings for Hard Chrome Replacement in Landing Gear Applications

Electrolytically deposited chrome plate is the current standard surface treatment for landing gear component interface surfaces that require good wear resistance and corrosion protection. Chrome plated components are typically plagued by a slight debit in fatigue performance, detrimental mud cracking surface pattern, susceptibility to scoring, wear, and seal leakage. In addition, recent changes in environmental compliance standards place further restrictions on the use of electrolytically deposited chromium. Some commercial applications have already eliminated the use of chrome plate on current and future products. As a result, a substitute for electrolytically deposited chrome plate has been sought for several years. High Velocity Oxygenated Fuel (HVOF) thermal spray coatings have been developed to the point where they are being implemented as an alternative to hard chrome plate on high strength low alloy steels for external surfaces on landing gear applications.

Landing Gear Based Weight and Balance Systems

This document outlines historical systems which have used the landing gear as a sensor or installation point for full aircraft weight and balance systems. A number of systems have been developed, installed, certified, and placed in service but few systems remain in regular use. The document will capture the history of these systems, reasons (where known) for their withdrawal from service, and lessons learned.

Effects of Extremely Cold Temperature on Landing Gear Operation

Provide information and guidance for landing gear operation in cold temperature environment. Covers all operational aspects on ground and in flight. Includes effects on: tires, wheels, brakes, shock strut, seals, and actuation.

Aircraft Shimmy Analysis Methods and Data Requirements

This Aerospace Information Report will summarize several existing aircraft landing gear shimmy analysis techniques and provide guidance on the synthesis and testing of tire properties, strut properties, and other landing gear mechanical properties that support the various shimmy analysis methods. This AIR is applicable to large and small fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft for military or civilian use.