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Lubricants, Industrial Oils, and Related Products Type H (Hydraulic Fluids)--Specification

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Industrial Lubricants Committee has developed a number of industrial, non-production, lubricant performance specifications. The purpose of this voluntary SAE specifications is to: a. Define minimum performance requirements for industrial lubricants, where tests are available. b. Provide lubricant suppliers with performance targets for key industrial lubricants. c. Promote the availability of these lubricants to member companies and others who may wish to use these specifications. d. Provide a user friendly classification system using common test standards and properties. ISO Standard 6743, Lubricants, industrial oils and related products (class L) - Classification, is the foundation for these documents. a. Performance characteristics and test procedures are specified. b. For information, equivalent ISO, DIN, CEN, BSI, ASTM, AFNOR, CETOP, and IP test methods are referenced.

Lubricants, Industrial Oils, and Related Products - Type X (Greases) - Specification

The greases have been classified according to the operating conditions under which they are used, because the versatile nature of greases makes it impractical to classify them according to end use. It will therefore be necessary to consult the supplier to be certain that the grease can be used in; for example, rolling bearings or pumped supply systems, and also concerning the compatibility of products (see Remarks in Table 1).