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Technical Paper

Fluidic Vortex Valve Servoactuators — An Advancement in Helicopter Flight Control Systems

An experimental fluidic servoactuator system recently developed for the U. S. Army Aviation Materials Laboratory is described. These actuators, developed for the pitch, roll, and yaw channels of a helicopter stability augmentation system, utilized a vortex valve amplifier circuit to replace the more conventional spool valve, actuator combination. Vortex amplifiers with high turndown ratio, good linearity and low hysteresis were developed using MIL-H-5606 hydraulic fluid. Test results for the actuator system showed excellent static and dynamic performance.
Technical Paper

A New Reaction Control Approach for Sounding Rockets

This paper concerns a new technique designed to provide high performance reaction control systems for sounding rockets. Proportional control of differential thrust and simple adaptive control of thrust magnitude (based on the level of demanded thrust) is utilized. The control is being implemented with a combination of electronic and fluidic components for an Aerobee 150 sounding rocket payload whose goal is a pointing stability of 0.1 arc second.