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Technical Paper

Development of a Piston Secondary Motion Analysis Program with Elastically Deformable Piston Skirt

An original multi-body dynamics simulation program for reciprocating engine system with elastically deformable piston skirt was developed in order to understand and examine the secondary motion of piston. This program uses specialized equations of motion using only the rotational degree of freedom of each components taking the valiation of rotating speed of crank into account. In order to validate the practical use of this program, the calculations were compared with the measurements on the piston motion of a two-stroke engine for motorcycles and a four-stroke engine for automobiles, and good agreements were obtained between them.
Technical Paper

Development of CVT Shift Dynamic Simulation Model with Elastic Rubber V-Belt

This paper presents a practical simulation model of the rubber V-belt CVT which is widely used as a low cost driveline element for small displacement motorcycles. The characteristic of this CVT is determined by the axial force balance between driver and driven pulleys, and the elastic force of a rubber V-belt. Because these axial and elastic forces are calculated by the kinematic and FEM analysis, a large-scale simulation model which costs long execution time for the calculation is needed to estimate the characteristic of CVT. This calculation uses the one-dimensional simulation model built up with MATLAB and SIMULINK environment, so that it was possible to get the calculation result with relatively low execution time. The elastic deformation of the rubber V-Belt was calculated by a simple spring model which was verified by experiments and FEM.
Technical Paper

A Study of Dry Centrifugal Clutch Judder

Dry centrifugal clutches used in conventional scooters occasionally suffer from judder, a problem that is extremely time consuming and expensive to solve. In order to study the judder phenomena, an experimental analysis was performed on a 125cc scooter. Numerical simulations were also performed to verify the experimental analysis results and to elucidate the principle of the judder. The results of this analysis show that dry centrifugal clutch judder can be modeled as torsional self-exited vibration of the drive train caused by the friction characteristics of the clutch, and that tire characteristics are also a contributing factor. These results correspond to previous experimental findings and countermeasures.