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Test for Chip Resistance of Surface Coatings

This SAE Recommended Practice covers a laboratory procedure for testing and evaluating the resistance of surface coating to chipping by gravel impact. The test is designed to reproduce the effect of gravel or other media striking exposed paint or coated surfaces of an automobile and has been correlated with actual field results. The specific intent of the test is to evaluate organic surface coatings or systems on flat test panels; however, It may be possible to extend this type of testing to finished parts or other types of materials such as anodized aluminum or plated plastics if the results are interpreted with respect to the limitations and intent implied by the original testing procedures and rating system. This document may involve hazardous materials, operations, and equipment. This document does not purport to address all of the safety problems associated with its use.

Test Method for Determining Blocking Resistance and Associated Characteristics of Automotive Trim Materials

This test method is designed to indicate the degree of surface tackiness, color transfer, loss of embossment, and surface marring when two trim materials are placed face to face under specific conditions of time, temperature, and pressure. These specific conditions are not dictated in this test procedure but will be found in the material standards which govern each type of trim material to be tested.

Seam Damage Test Procedure

This procedure is used to determine seam strength and seam fatigue of automotive textiles, vinyl coated fabrics and related soft trim materials.

Outdoor Weathering of Exterior Materials

This test method specifies the exposure rack(s), black box(es), and instrumentation, which shall be used for the outdoor weathering of materials for automotive exterior application. All dimensions are nominal unless otherwise noted. A list of approved exposure test sites is generally available from specified automotive manufacturers. Sample preparation, exposure duration, and performance evaluation procedures not presented in this method are covered in material specifications of the different automotive manufacturers.

Optical Imaging Evaluation of Impact Damage Resistance Testing on Exterior Finishes

This SAE Recommended Practice covers a procedure for evaluating plastic and multiple-layer coatings exposed to gravelometer testing (as defined in SAE J400) with an optical imaging and analysis system. The intent of the procedure is to detect, count and characterize instances of damage in the coated surface that fracture the top coat layer or penetrate through multiple layers of the coating system. It may be possible to extend this methodology of coating damage evaluation to specimens that have undergone test procedures or exposures that produce similar, discrete damage sites in the coating system. If so applied, evaluation results must be interpreted with respect to the limitations and intent implied by the original evaluation procedure and its associated rating system, if applicable.