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Unmanned Aerial Systems - UAS Manufacturing

This session discusses manufacturing aspects related to unmanned aerial vehicle systems. Full and prototype scales and their testing are considered along with development of the manufacturing tools specific of UAV. Verification of manufacturing methodologies and process capabilities are also addressed. Less expensive and faster manufacturing methods using rapid prototyping technology are of interest.

Unmanned Aerial Systems - Propulsion

This session discusses UAV propulsion systems development and performance. All propulsion systems will be considered, from solar to fuel cell, to turbine. Propulsion alternatives for small airborne vehicles will be also discussed. Reliability, performance, and integration of existent UAV propulsions technologies will be addressed. New engine technology, new designs, or even new fundamental research and propulsion concepts are also of interest.

Unmanned Aerial Systems - Aerodynamics

Although UAS aerodynamics is similar to that of manned aircraft, some design requirements are unique for micro, small, and high altitude, long-endurance vehicles. This session discusses critical aspects of aerodynamics for fixed and rotary wing UAS along with lighter-than-air unmanned technologies.

Safety Critical COTS Hardware, Fact or Fiction?

This presentation will discuss the changes in the COTS industry to support systems with DO-254/ED-80 and DO-178C/ED-12C requirements including a revolutionary change from providing hardware to providing complete COTS designs as Intellectual Property (IP) solutions. The presentation will also touch on some of the concerns with certifying with COTS Circuit Board Assemblies. Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) hardware modules have become a staple of modern embedded systems saving integrators time and money over traditional custom-built systems. This is serving the mil/aero industry well since the change from mil-spec started 20 years ago. Now mil/aero requirements are evolving to include DO-254/ED-80 safety requirements for hardware and the COTS industry is in lock-step providing safety certifiable hardware solutions continuing to enable system integrators to provide cost effective solutions.