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SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2008-10-01

Tying it all together Networks link control modules to bring more features and functions to the job site. Collaboration tools spread a wide net PLM suppliers are offering new tools that aid collaboration, expanding on core offerings in PDM, CAD, and CAE. The drive toward a hybrid transmission In-wheel hydraulic motors, hydraulic transformers, and a common pressure rail with accumulators put new meaning in the word drivetrain. A deep dive into metallurgical failure Even with the best engineering processes and quality planning, deviations can occur with the incoming material, things can go wrong during the manufacturing process, and service conditions can be different than expected. Standards and 'coopetition' In the heavy-duty vehicle arena, adoption of standards for networking benefits everyone.

SAE Off-Highway Engineering 2005-06-01

Testing in the field Hardened data-acquistion modules benefit companies conducting off-highway testing in harsh environments. Continuing to advance technology With close to $1 billion spent on R & D in 2004 alone, Caterpillar is taking a lead role in the push to move the commercial-vehicle industry forward. Testing trends This special section highlights some of the latest equipment used by engineers to evaluate new technologies. The forgotten compact engine Though heavy-duty engines have gotten most of the industry attention lately, smaller engines are out there working hard, with seemingly little respect. Productivity drives future agricultural technologies SAE 100 Future Look: Despite the tremendous rate of change in the agricultural equipment industry, one common theme has led the technological advances in agricultural equipment.

Automotive Engineering International 2000-08-01

The battle of the metals Engineers continue to improve the properties of metal and evolve manufacturing technologies to enable metals to maintain, or achieve more of, a competitive presence in vehicles. Global Concepts This second of two parts reviews some of the more significant vehicles from past year's motor shows and showcases trends in design and technology from the world's auotmakers. Good Vibrations AEI takes a look at what some companies are doing to improve vehicle NVH. Asia after the storm This final segment of AEI's three-part look at doing business in the digital age focuses on suppliers and OEMs in Asia. Producing fully dense PM parts A new process from PM Krupp Technologies Inc., F2, is suitable for producing fully dense parts that are too expensive to machine or cast, or that require the high strength, hardness, and durablity that conventional (low-density) powder metal cannot provide.