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SAE MOBILUS Subscription

Wiley SAE MOBILUS® eBook Package

Committed to being the primary source for aerospace and ground vehicle engineering resources, SAE International has added the full compilation of our Wiley eBook collections to the SAE MOBILUS® technical resource platform. Purchasable as an annual subscription and containing the titles from the Wiley Aerospace Collection, the Wiley Automotive Collection, the Wiley Computer Systems Collection, and the Wiley Cyber Security Collection.
SAE MOBILUS Subscription

Fluid Conductors and Connectors

The Fluid Conductors and Connectors subscription covers product technologies and innovations in the design, installation, and maintenance of conductors and connectors used in hydraulic systems. The standards in this resource include: Coding Systems For Identification of Fluid Conductors and Connectors Performance Requirements For Tubing and Fittings Recommended Practices For Hose Assemblies Specifications For O-ring Connectors Connections For Fluid Power and High Pressure Use Dimensional Specifications For Push-To-Connect Fittings For Vehicle Air Brake Systems