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Component Nomenclature—Articulated Log Skidder, Rubber-Tired

This SAE Standard includes names of major components and parts particular to this type of machine. Illustrations used here are not intended to include all existing commercial machines, or to be exactly descriptive of any particular machine. They have been chosen to describe the principles to be used in applying this document (see Figures 1 and 2). 1 Engine 2 Sweep 3 Operator Enclosure 4 Seat 5 Rear Frame 6 Winch 7 Arch 8 Fairlead 8(a) Main Fairlead Roller 8(b) Auxiliary Fairlead Rollers 9 Tire 10 Rim 11 Axle 12 Driveline 13 Steering Cylinder 14 Front Frame 15 Blade Arm1 16 Blade 17 Decking Lug 18 Blade Cylinder 19 Radiator 20 Log Bumper