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Technical Paper

Suspension Testing Using the Suspension Parameter Measurement Device

This paper describes the process of testing a suspension on the Suspension Parameter Measurement Device (SPMD). It begins by discussing the process of preparing to test a suspension on the SPMD. This includes discussions of preparing a suspension identification data file, mounting the suspension to be tested on a buck, and the calibration of the SPMD's transducers. The next sections of the paper cover the actual testing performed on a suspension while it is mounted on the SPMD. The different types of suspension tests performed are described and the rationale for each type of test is discussed. The flowchart for a typical individual test is presented and explained. The matrix of individual tests performed for each suspension tested is discussed. Estimates of the time and manpower required to perform the testing are given. The paper next looks at the data measured by the SPMD. The first level of analysis performed on the data is explained.