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Technical Paper

Integral: 2.5 Y ears on Orbit - Thermal P erformance and Lesson Learnt

The INTEGRAL (International Gamma Ray Astrophysics Laboratory) program is an ESA observatory scientific satellite to be used for gamma ray astronomy, It was successfully launched on the 17th of October 2002 with a Proton launcher from Baikonour Cosmodrome and after a dedicated Commissioning Phase it was ready to start its scientific mission. After 2 years the first lifetime goal (nominal lifetime) was reached and it entered the extended lifetime (3 additional years) Alenia Spazio, who had the role of Prime Contractor, was fully responsible of the Thermal Control of the satellite. During 2.5 years the satellite was carefully monitored and the thermal control design mounted on it has been capable to meet all the thermal requirements, providing the optimal thermal environment.