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The Impact Upon Durability of Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Using 5 Percentage Biodiesel

Due to the increasing price of crude oil, biofuel as an alternative of fossil fuels is sought to be a global-wide solution to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas. In order to compare the influence on engine which meet euro IV emission standard by using pure fossil diesel, 2% and 5% biodiesel. A long-term operation with blended 2% and 5% biodiesel by standard engine test had been evaluated in this study. The results could be referred to the consideration of marketing promotion strategy as well as government policy in Taiwan. Both B2-B5 diesel fuel (2 and 5 vol% biodiesel) and diesel fuel were employed to the same engines for testing purpose to compare the influence. The engines were equipped with an electronically controlled common-rail fuel injection system. After 500 hours full load durability operation, the key components of the engines were analyzed and characterized by a series of inspections to identify the degree of decay and wear behavior.