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Technical Paper

Deterioration Characteristic of Catalyzed DPF Applied on Diesel Truck Durable Ageing

In this paper, it was researched the degradation characteristics of catalytic performance of three kinds of DPFs (C1, C2 and C3, with precious metal concentrations being 15, 25 and 35 g/ft3 respectively) after diesel truck aging. It is found out that the crystallinity of three kinds of DPF samples (Used) in full vehicle aging was higher than that of fresh samples (Fresh) and aged samples (Aged) in the laboratory. Compared with Fresh samples, the concentration of Pt atom in precious metal on the surface of Aged and Used samples tends to decrease in most cases. Activities to CO and C3H8 of Aged and Used samples of three kinds of DPFs had all been degraded, and activity degradation showed a substantial correlation with concentration reduction rate of precious metal on the carrier surface. NO2 productivity of Used samples all rose. Crystallinity of DPF samples after full vehicle aging in Inlet, Middle and Outlet areas successively increased.
Technical Paper

Dynamic Correction Strategy for SOC Based on Discrete Sliding Mode Observer

Battery state estimation is one of the most important decision parameters for lithium battery energy management. It plays an important role in improving battery energy utilization, ensuring battery safety and enhancing system reliability. This paper is proposed to provide a dynamic correction of SOC in the full working condition, including static condition and dynamic condition. Based on the Coulomb-counting method, the current SOC value of the battery is calculated. Under the static conditions, the open circuit voltage of the battery is used to directly collect the initial SOC. Under the dynamic working conditions, the open circuit voltage of the battery is estimated by the sliding mode observer. Based on the deviation between the calculated and estimated values of the open circuit voltage, the current coefficient of the Coulomb-counting method is dynamically corrected by PI strategy.
Technical Paper

Research on Dynamic Load of Belgian Event Based on Virtual Proving Ground

The fatigue load spectrum of the physical proving ground is the necessary input for fatigue life analysis of vehicle parts and components. It is usually obtained by Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA) and loads decomposition using multi-body dynamics tools. Virtual Proving Ground (VPG) methodology is gradually replacing this technical strategy. The belgian road is the typical event in durability test, in this paper, the flexible body and FTire model are applied to the vehicle multi-body dynamics model in order to improve the simulation accuracy. The result shows that all the wheel center force, shock absorber displacement and axial force acquired by VPG simulation have excellent correlation with real vehicle measured data. It is also proved that the virtual proving ground technology is a reliable and effective method to obtain the fatigue load spectrum in the early stage of development.
Technical Paper

Research on Intelligent Vehicle Index and Evaluation Method

As automobiles are gradually transforming from independent mechanical units to network nodes with intelligent and networked functions, the functions and performance evaluation of intelligent vehicles is facing the new challenges. At present, China has initially classified the level of intelligent vehicles on the basis of SAE, but has not yet formed a scientific, rigorous and comprehensive evaluation system. Therefore, this paper proposes the detailed intelligent evaluation ideas of intelligent vehicles in different levels from 0 to 5 and sets up a "Trinity" evaluation system covering professional evaluation, practical evaluation and market evaluation. Then, with the development progress of intelligent vehicles, we will set up the hierarchical structure of evaluation indicators basing on automated intelligence and connected intelligence.
Technical Paper

Voltage and Voltage Consistency Attenuation Law of the Fuel Cell Stack Based on the Durability Cycle Condition

Based on the durability cycle test of fuel cell stack and the characteristics of cyclic working conditions, this paper defines the characteristic current point and studies the attenuation rule of the fuel cell stack voltage over time under the characteristic current point. The results show that the voltage of the fuel cell stack appears to be linear downward under the characteristic current point. and the voltage attenuation rate of the fuel cell stack increases quadratically with the increase of the current density in addition to the open-circuit voltage point. Then the coefficient of variation is introduced in statistics as the index to characterize the voltage consistency attenuation of the fuel cell stack, and its variation rule is explored. The results show that the voltage consistency of vehicle fuel cell stack decreases seriously with the increase of running time under the condition of durable cycling.