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Technical Paper

A Study on the Bending Springback of Aluminum Alloy 5754

This paper describes an experimental work on the bending springback of aluminum alloy 5754. Experiments were performed using a 90° V-shaped matching die-punch combination, with and without clamping. Clamping was used to create tension during bending. The experimental parameters taken into account are the die radius, sheet clamping torque, sheet thickness and the level of cold work in the sheet.
Technical Paper

Dynamic Denting Study of Aluminum Alloys

This paper describes the results of dynamic denting experiments conducted on AA5754 and AA6061 alloys. Dynamic denting tests were performed using a drop weight impact machine. The drop height was varied from 38 mm to 914 mm to generate impact velocities ranging from 53.4 m/min to 254 m/min. The dent depth created at different drop heights was related to the input impact energy and peak load observed in the tests. The effects of sheet thickness and yield strength were explored.
Technical Paper

Fatigue of Spot Friction Welded Joints of Mg-Mg, Al-Al and Al-Mg Alloys

Spot friction welding shows advantages over resistance spot welding for joining light alloys for automotive applications. In this research, fatigue behaviors of spot friction welded joints in lap shear specimens of AM-60 magnesium alloy and AA 5754 aluminum alloy were investigated. Static and fatigue tests were conducted with Mg-Mg, Al-Al and Al-Mg specimens. Fatigue S-N curves were obtained for all these specimens using load-controlled fatigue tests. Finite element analysis was conducted to investigate the stress distribution and the location of maximum stresses in spot friction welded joints in Mg-Mg specimens.