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Technical Paper

Experimental Studies on Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced with Natural Fibres Ashes

Metal matrix composites have a large range of applications in the automobile industry due to its characteristics and properties. Al-based MMC have aluminum as matrix metal that has properties which are well concerned with the automobile industry. Some of these properties are high strength to weight ratio and lightweight. In this paper we are trying to develop aluminum-based metal matrix composite (MMC) reinforced with natural fibers ashes, we are using fine ashes of Sugarcane (bagasse), Groundnut Shell Ash (GSA), Rice Husk Ash (RHA) and Coconut shell (Jute) ash, different effects are investigated for different percentage of reinforcing material which is being produced by burning in a free atmosphere. Ball milling is used for making fine particle size of different natural fibers ash. Nine samples were made by the stir casting process consisting of Al6063 as base metal and different concentration of reinforcement.