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Technical Paper

Modeling and Measuring Exhaust Backpressure Resulting from Flow Restriction Through an Aftertreatment System

This paper describes the pressure loss characteristics of a variety of substrates (with and without washcoat) that have different cell densities, lengths, and diameters. Both experimental and analytical approaches were used to determine pressure loss characteristics. Engine dynamometer testing was conducted as an experimental approach to measure pressure losses at several different speed and load points. A simple, but comprehensive, analytical model was also developed to estimate pressure loss and equivalent power loss in an exhaust system. The model provides for losses due to the substrate resistance and the inlet/outlet headers. The experimental approach demonstrated that the model was an effective tool to provide assistance during the screening of exhaust system design alternatives.
Technical Paper

Verification of Accelerated PM Loading for DPF Qualification Studies

High gas prices combined with demand for improved fuel economy have prompted increased interest in diesel engine applications for both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. The development of aftertreatment systems for these vehicles requires significant investments of capital and time. A reliable and robust qualification testing procedure will allow for more rapid development with lower associated costs. Qualification testing for DPFs has its basis in methods similar to DOCs but also incorporates a PM loading method and regeneration testing of loaded samples. This paper examines the effects of accelerated loading using a PM generator and compares PM generator loaded DPFs to engine dynamometer loaded samples. DPFs were evaluated based on pressure drop and regeneration performance for samples loaded slowly and for samples loaded under accelerated conditions. A regeneration reactor was designed and built to help evaluate the DPFs loaded using the PM generator and an engine dynamometer.