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Technical Paper

Experimental Investigation of Addition of Treated Waste Engine Oil into Diesel Ethanol Blends on the Performance in Compression Ignition Engine

Diesel ethanol blends can be used as a fuel for CI engine to replace or reduce the usage of diesel as a fuel for compression ignition engine. This work is to investigate the addition of treated waste engine oil into diesel ethanol blends. The novelty in this work is the utilization of renewable fuel ethanol and treated waste engine oil which is a waste product from internal combustion engines. Experimentation was conducted in two stages: viz., first stage was treating the waste engine oil and followed by blending and testing the performance of diesel ethanol blends with various proportions of treated waste engine oil. Treatment of waste engine oil includes initial filtration, acid treatment by acetic acid, clay contraction by fullers` earth and neutralization cum decoloration along with final filtration of waste engine oil.
Technical Paper

Influence of Addition of Ethanol into Non-Edible Biodiesel from Rice Bran Oil on the Properties and Performance - An Experimental Study in Direct Injection VCR Diesel Engine

Non-edible oil biodiesels and alcohols are the two major liquid fuel sources available to replace diesel to fuel compression ignition engine. This study is to investigate the solubility, properties and performance of biodiesel from non-edible rice bran oil and ethanol. Solubility test was conducted in three different temperatures 50C, 150C& room temperature (300C approximately). The stable blends were tested for essential properties such as energy content, cetane number, kinematic viscosity, heat of vaporisation, flash point and oxygen content as per ASTM standards. Biodiesel- ethanol blends containing 30% of ethanol was found stable up to 50C. This blend also met the minimum requirement with respect to properties to fuel compression ignition engine. These blends were tested in compression ignition engine for performance, combustion and emission characteristics in various load conditions under two compression ratios (17,1 & 18,1).
Technical Paper

Utilization of Diesel-Ethanol Blends in a CI Engine as a Fuel with Nano Alumina as Combustion Enhancer

Alcohols are the renewable liquid fuels. These can be blended with diesel fuel for fuelling compression ignition (CI) engine. This experimental investigation includes in finding a blend containing maximum volume of ethanol, which was taken as base blend that can be blended with into diesel and can be utilized as fuel in CI engine. Also, this study includes the influence of addition of nano alumina as combustion enhancer into base blend-diesel. The experimentation was carried out in four stages, viz. (i) Solubility test of diesel ethanol in various proportions in a range of temperature 5°C to 25°C and above; (ii) Testing of properties that are essential for fuelling CI engine; (iii) Modifying the injection timing to suit the maximum possible blend and (iv) Testing the influence of nano alumina into diesel ethanol blends. Initially various proportions of diesel ethanol blends were prepared and tested for solubility in the above said range of temperature using butanol as co- solvent.