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Technical Paper

Application of IAPAC Fuel Injection for Low Emissions Small Two-Stroke Engines

The implementation of the IFP developed Compressed Air Assisted Fuel Injection Process (named IAPAC) in a two-stroke engine allows the introduction of the fuel separately from the scavenging air, which in consequence minimizes fuel short-circuiting. The inherent mechanical principle of the IAPAC process which uses the crankcase compressed air to finely atomize the fuel, provides the advantages of direct injection but in addition uses conventional low pressure automotive type injection technology with commercially available gasoline injectors. In earlier work we showed an example of the application of this fuel injection technology to a PIAGGIO single cylinder 125 cc scooter two-stroke engine. In this paper, an update of the results obtained with this new engine is presented and confirms the ultra-low emissions capability for two-wheeler application.