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Technical Paper

Measurements of Laminar Flame Velocity and Markstein Length for Standard Gasoline and a Corresponding Reference Fuel Mixture (PRF87)

An experimental and numerical investigation of commercial Gasoline (octane number = 90) with a reference fuel (PRF87) were accomplished. Laminar Flame Velocities and Markstein Numbers of these fuel air mixtures were investigated and compared with each other and with numerical results. PRF87 is presented as a reference fuel for Gasoline defined as 87 percent Iso-Octane and 13 percent N-Heptane by volume at ambient conditions. Spherical flames of Gasoline- and PRF87-Air-Mixtures at initial temperature of 373 K, initial pressure range from 10 bar to 25 bar and equivalence ratios from ϕ = 0.7 to ϕ = 1.2 were experimentally investigated using the Constant Volume Bomb Method.