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Technical Paper

A Process Control System for Production Diesel Engine Testing

Current technology, especially in our dynamic industry, demands more reliable and up-to-date information in order to operate efficiently. Data of many kinds, from many sources, must be collected, analyzed, and rapidly transmitted into information which can be used to optimize performance and improve our product. To meet these needs in production diesel engine testing, a process control system has been developed around the basic objective of establishing an accurate and regimented test program, which will provide more reliable information for analysis and action, increased test capacity, accurate history data, and a higher quality product. This paper describes the basic design of such a system, the advantages to be gained, and the overall operation.
Technical Paper

Flywheel Power Takeoffs - Continuous Power for Truck Mounted Equipment

The truck flywheel power takeoff has proven itself as a reliable means of supplying continuous power to a variety of mounted equipment. The features of available units are described in detail in an effort to provide the design and application engineer with complete information regarding their function and application, and to stimulate expanded usage of this constant power source.
Technical Paper

Improving Engine Durability via Filters and Lubricants

In an ongoing effort to further improve engine durability, effects on ring wear of various engine operating variables were measured utilizing a radioactive wear test, Due to findings in this wear testing, developments were initiated in air filtration, fluid filtration and oil quality level. Implementation of these changes has improved engine durability.
Technical Paper

Mack's E9 Series V8 Engines With Chassis Mounted Charge Air Cooling

A new 998 CID V8 engine series has been developed by Mack Trucks, Inc. to supplement its line of heavy duty diesel engines. These engines, the E9 Series, are available in two configurations--a 400 bhp (298 kW) high torque rise version and a 440 bhp (328 kW) conventional torque backup version. Increased horsepower and improved fuel economy were achieved through the development of a chassis mounted charge air cooler and a new four-valve cylinder head. In addition, significant durability improvements were obtained due to the reduced thermal loadings resulting from the lower charge air temperatures. Additional noteworthy features include a new injection pump, improved lube oil system, advanced piston design, and proper selection of seals and gasket materials.
Technical Paper

The Mack Maxidyne, ENDT865 Diesel with Dynatard Engine Brake

Progression of the successful engine program exemplified by the Mack ENDT675 Maxidyne Six, having an essentially constant horsepower characteristic in the operating speed range, has led to the development and production of the new Mack ENDT865, Maxidyne V-8 having similarly ordered performance at higher output. Significant advances in design to maintain reliability at high loadings including a new injection pump, a simplified oil system, and a single turbocharger arrangement are discussed, as well as a new integral engine brake. The Mack Dynatard Engine Brake is specifically covered in the second part of this paper.