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Journal Article

Electrical Accumulator Unit for the Energy Optimized Aircraft

The movement to more-electric architectures during the past decade in military and commercial airborne systems continues to increase the complexity of designing and specifying the electric power system. In particular, the electrical power system (EPS) faces challenges in meeting the highly dynamic power demands of advanced power electronics based loads. This paper explores one approach to addressing these demands by proposing an electrical equivalent of the widely utilized hydraulic accumulator which has successfully been employed in hydraulic power system on aircraft for more than 50 years.
Technical Paper

GCU for Megawatt Class Directed Energy Weapons Pulse Generators

Directed Energy weapon (DEW) systems are being developed for both ground and airborne applications. Typically, they consist of microwave or laser powered guns. Both the microwave application and the diode based laser applications require significant amount of power. This power ranges from several hundred kilowatts (kW) for microwave applications to Megawatts (MW) for laser applications. The laser application requires that the full power be available for short duration, typically 5 seconds, which could be repeated several times with short pauses in between. The control of a generator, which delivers Megawatt of the intermittent power greatly differs from the of normal steady state generator control. It poses significant challenges. Application of power (and for this matter its removal) is a transient phenomenon that takes time and its effects ripple through the whole system.