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Technical Paper

The Study of the Effects of Nonthermal Plasma-Photocatalyst Combined Reactor on Hydrocarbon Decomposition and Reduction during Cold Start and Warm-up in a SI Engine

Among the recent research ideas to reduce hydrocarbon emissions emitted from SI engines till light-off of catalyst since cold start are those exploiting non-thermal plasma technique and photo-catalyst that draws recent attention by virtue of its successful application to practical use to clean up the atmosphere using the feature of its relative independence on temperature. Based on the previous research results [6] obtained with model exhaust gases using an experimental emissions reduction system that utilizes the non-thermal plasma and photo-catalyst technique, further investigation was conducted on a production N/A 1.5 liter DOHC gasoline engine during cold start to warm-up. For the effects of non-thermal plasma-photocatalyst combined reactor, 10% concentration reduction was achieved with the fuel component paraffins, and the large increase in non-fuel paraffinic components and acetylene concentrations were similar to those of base condition.