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Technical Paper

Development of Remote Control Unit for Car Navigation System

We developed a remote control unit (Hereinafter referred to as the controller) employing mainly an eight-directional joystick with push-button function. And it has good operational feeling. As previous joysticks generated operator feeling via springs, so the click sensation could not be felt. We thought that a good click feeling can be obtained by applying rubber contacts to the switch element of the joystick. Additionally, in order to include the push-button functions, we supported the operant unit with biaxial bearing and employed a sliding-knob structure penetrating this operant unit. Also in order to obtain a uniform operator feeling for all eight directions, we applied eight rubber contacts and gave the switches eight contacts. In order to restrain the rise in IC costs with the increase to eight contacts, we introduced an eight-contact four- output switch matrix and a one-contact three-electrode pattern.