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Technical Paper

Design Optimization of Automotive Radiator Cooling Module Fan of Passenger Vehicle for Effective Noise Management Using CFD Technique

An automotive radiator cooling fan has been observed to be an important noise source in a vehicle and with increasing noise refinements, the need for a quieter but effective fan is of utmost importance. Although some empirical prediction techniques are present in literature, they are not sufficiently accurate and cannot give a detailed view of the entire noise spectrum and the various noise prone zones. Hence the need for highly accurate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study is essential to be able to resolve the minute acoustic stress. Large Eddy Simulation technique in CFD is used to resolve the minute scales of motion in the flow as the sound pressures simulated are very small compared to system level pressures and require immense accuracy. Detailed mesh dependency and Y+ studies are conducted to implement higher accuracy as well as keep mesh requirements within computationally feasible zone.