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Technical Paper

Multi Body Dynamics Based Method for Twist Beam Cross Articulations Evaluation in Realistic Hilly Area Scenarios

Twist beam is a semi-independent suspension having two trailing arms attached to the chassis via rubber bushes. Closed profile ‘V’ shaped cross beam interconnects left and right side arms. It provides roll stiffness of the suspension, by twisting as the two wheels moves relative to each other. Due to driving and road conditions twist beam structures are subjected to cyclic twist loads resulting into roll fatigue failure mode [1]. To design twist beam for mass, package and performance it is required to find realistic cross articulations based on vehicle application, usage pattern and protect twist beam from roll fatigue failure mode. The objective of this paper is to develop a virtual method using ‘ADAMS ®’ multibody dynamics software for maximum relative wheel center displacements during realistic hilly areas conditions. This paper describes half and full vehicle based virtual approach for twist beam cross articulations in hilly area conditions.