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Technical Paper

Investigation on Cylinder Bore Deformation under Static Condition Based on Fourier Decomposition

Due to the mechanical forces under static conditions, the engine cylinders cross section will not be a round circle any more once they are installed. The deformation of an engine cylinder causes increasing lubricating oil consumption and abnormal wear, resulting in worse fuel economy and emissions. However, prediction of deformation on a liner has not been made because of the complication of conditions and structure. In this study, a V6-type engine body model was built and meshed with Hypermesh suit software. Then, cylinder deformation under static condition has been simulated and analyzed. First of all, experimental work was done to verify the engine model. Basically, few parameters like pre-tightened force, structure and distribution of bolts have been investigated to figure out how the cylinder bore deformation behaves via finite element analysis. Also, a simple Matlab program was developed to process the data.