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Technical Paper

Experimental Variance Analysis of Statistical Energy Analysis

This paper is to present a systematic study on many critical factors, such as angle of the testing panel, total scanning time of the intensity probe, source room noise level, number of microphones used in the source room, sample size, distance of the microphone in the source room, intensity probe spacer size, measurement time, and receiver room size. Additionally, three noise factors; background noise level, operator and measurement distance were also included. It were discovered that test panel angles and sample sizes were the two most dominant factors. All of above are relevant to experimental SEA or SEA validation process. The complete test results and the experience gained are presented in the paper.
Technical Paper

Investigation and Benchmarking for Vehicle Floor Coverings

A systematic benchmarking study was performed to investigate the acoustic performance of production floor coverings (i.e. carpets) of vehicles. A larger number of passenger cars including compact, mid-size, full size, and a truck were selected. The floor coverings were removed from these vehicles and evaluated both on absorption and sound transmission loss (STL) performances. The methodology used and the experimental results are presented in this paper. It was discovered that the design of the carpet is more important than the materials used. In addition, a carpet with highest absorption does not necessarily have the best STL and vice versa. However, an optimum design could achieve high performance in both categories.