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Aerospace Vehicle Wiring, Lessons Learned

This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) is limited to the requirements of AS50881 and examines these requirements providing rationale behind them. SAE AS50881 is only applicable to the aircraft electrical wiring and interconnect system (EWIS). Pods and other devices that can be attached to an aircraft that are considered as aircraft equipment design. The AS50881 scope does not include attached devices, but does include the interface between the pod and aircraft wiring. Paragraph 3.3.5 addresses components such as antennas and other similar equipment that was once supplied as GFAE.

EWIS Wiring Insulation Breakdown Testing

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) identifies the minimum requirements for the testing of insulated electrical wiring for on-aircraft, aeronautical and aerospace applications. The testing requirements defined herein, ensure that a wire fault can be found safely when using a high potential voltage tester (hipot). This test is intended to aid in finding a breach in the wire insulation, and not for the identification of the resistance of the insulation. The test method defined herein is limited to equipment which ia able to control and limit the DC output to 1500 VDC maximum. This type of wire dielectric tester is typically designed to trip on current leakage and not necessarily on arc detection. This test method is solely designed to identify gross/large wire insulation damage or degradation. For additional related information on this topic and related test methods, refer to the documents cited in Section 2.

Etching of Fluoropolymer Insulations

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) describes the etching of fluoropolymer electrical wire insulations to ensure that all facets of the process from the chemistry to the processing, to the storage and handling are well defined.