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Aircraft Ground Air Conditioning Service Connection

This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) defines interface configurations for the ground air conditioning service connection on commercial transport aircraft. In addition, it defines the clearances required to accommodate the connection of ground air conditioning hose couplings. Two types of service connections are included. The Type A connection (Figure 1) is a slotted ring with integral locking pads and is comparable to the MS33562 connection. The Type B connection (Figure 2) is a flanged tube with external locking lugs (Figure 3). The Type B connection has the same interface dimensional requirements as the Type A connection.

Design and Safety Criteria for Passenger Boarding Stairways

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) is broken into various categories for convenience and ease of identification. It is the purpose of this document to provide certain criteria for the design and selection of stairways, for the boarding of passengers onto an aircraft. The criteria presented are limited to those factors which affect the safety of the passengers and are coordinated, where applicable, with the practices of the architectural profession, with respect to the design of stairways. The recommended practices are applicable to both mobile variable-elevation type stairways and to fixed-elevation stairways of the type built into an aircraft fuselage.

Measurement of Exterior Sound Level of Specialized Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

The scope of this SAE Recommended Practice covers specialized internal combustion engine powered equipment used in support of aircraft operations. The equipment may be self-propelled, truck mounted, trailer mounted, skid mounted or stationary. It does not include construction equipment or equipment designed primarily for operation on highways or within factories or building areas. NOTE: Equivalent methodology is provided in (CEN) EN 1915-4, Aircraft ground support equipment - General requirements - Part 4: Noise measurement methods and reduction, to be used for measurements conforming to the EU Machinery Directive