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Technical Paper

How Aging Affects the Relationship Between the Driver and the Road Environment

This paper describes the effects of aging upon a driver's capability to perceive and react to conventional road warning and guidance systems, as well as other factors intended to assist traffic movement and safety. It first examines the effects of aging on driver visual functions, then upon cognition or the speed at which older drivers process the visual information derived from signs and warning systems. Its purpose is to create a sensitivity within the highway community for the difficulties that drivers may experience with such systems after they pass middle age.
Technical Paper

The Automobile - Unwanted Technology - Part I-The Early Years

When the raucous, fragile, imperfect American automobile made its debut there was much concern and consternation. The costs, complexities, choices and confusion in the marketplace resulted in an ultra conservative attitude towards untested innovation or new technology. Its frailties made the American car no match for its European counterparts and despite an early movement in the direction of a small inexpensive sturdy car to handle atrocious roads, most early manufacturers opted to produce expensive more profitable large models. However, many innovative minds worked to solve the early problems and imperfections of the automobile and although their efforts were not initially approved or accepted, they provided the framework or perhaps the inspiration for later development.
Technical Paper

The Automobile-the Unwanted Child

In the relatively short span of 100 years, the American automobile has traveled a somewhat rocky and circuitous road from unwanted child and wealthy toy to the greatest symbol of personal freedom known to man. The imperfect American horseless carriage was introduced at a time when paved roads were virtually nonexistence, fuel was not readily available, and authorities sought to restrict its progress. Yet the automotive pioneers prevailed and literally changed the face of the country as well as its economy and technology. The changes, however, evoked criticism, regulation, and challenges which have endured.