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Technical Paper

Emissions from Direct-Injected Heavy-Duty Methanol-Fueled Engines (One Dual-Injection and One Spark-Ignited) and a Comparable Diesel Engine

Emissions from two heavy-duty four stroke direct injection engines designed to use methanol fuel, one using Diesel pilot fuel injection and the other using spark ignition, were characterized in this program along with those from a comparably-sized Diesel engine. Emissions evaluated during both steady-state and transient FTP procedures included regulated gases (HC, CO, and NOx), unburned methanol, aldehydes, other gaseous organics, total particulate, sulfate, soluble organics in particulate and BaP. The engines adapted for methanol fuel and using catalysts emitted less HC, CO, particulate, soluble organics, and BaP than the Diesel fueled engine.