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Test Method for Measuring Performance of Engine Cooling Fans

This SAE Recommended Practice is intended for use in testing and evaluating the approximate performance of engine-driven cooling fans. This performance would include flow, pressure, and power. This flow and pressure information is used to estimate the engine cooling performance. This power consumption is used to estimate net engine power per SAE J1349. The procedure also provides a general description of equipment necessary to measure the approximate fan performance. The test conditions in the procedure generally will not match those of the installation for which cooling and fuel consumption information is desired. The performance of a given fan depends on the geometric details of the installation, including the shroud and its clearance. These details should be duplicated in the test setup if accurate performance measurement is expected.

Thermal Flow Control Valve Nomenclature and Application

The purpose of this SAE Information Report is to define common industry terminology and nomenclature relative to thermal flow control valves and to describe common thermal flow control valve applications in automotive, highway truck, mobile construction equipment, and industrial applications. This document is primarily directed at internal combustion engine or electric powered applications and the downstream systems to which power is provided, such as transmissions, hydraulics, air compression, etc. The information contained herein does not constitute an SAE Standard.