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Technical Paper

Forming Analysis of Thermal-Acoustical Protective Shields

Thermal Acoustic Protective Shields (TAPS) serves dual purpose. They provide a thermal barrier, which protects sensitive components from the exhaust manifold radiated energy. They also act as an acoustic insulator, which reduces the amount of sound power transmitted from the engine to the environment. The design of multi layered TAPS has, until recently, relied on trial and error or simplified numerical analyses. The following work describes efforts to develop a comprehensive numerical methodology for the initial forming of the components, which accounts for most of the physics of the problem. The simulation accounts for the complete forming operations of the part, i.e. edge folding, multi layer assembly, edge crimping, beading, and final forming. Non-linear effects are accounted for such as interlayer frictional dissipation, plastic anisotropy and self-contact.
Technical Paper

PMSM Noise - Simulation Measurement Comparison

Growing development of hybrid and fully electrical drives increases demand for accurate prediction of noise and vibration characteristic of electric and electronic components. This paper describes the numerical and experimental investigation of noise emission from PMSM electric machine as a one of the most important noise sources in electric vehicles. Structural and air borne noise is measured on e-machine test rig and used for calibration and validation of the numerical model. The electro-magnetic field in PMSM is simulated using finite volume method. Electro-magnetic forces are applied as excitation to the 3D FE model of e-machine, mounded on test frame. Material properties are tuned using results from experimental modal analysis including identification of orthotropic characteristic of stator laminated core, assembled together with coil and end winding. Structural vibrations are calculated by modal frequency response analysis and applied as excitation in air borne noise simulation.