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Technical Paper

ATV Thermal Control System

The Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Thermal Control System (TCS) has the task to ensure the required internal environment at level of pressurized module and to thermally control the not pressurised modules and installed equipment, using passive and active control means, in response to the relevant applicable requirements. The ATV vehicle is assially subdivided into three main modules: the Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC), the Equipped Avionics Bay (EAB) and the Equipped Propulsion Bay (EPB). Each of these modules present elaborated and specific thermal design solutions, to satisfy the different required operative tasks. The extensive thermal analysis campaign performed at ATV vehicle level and in progress for the next Qualification Review (QR) to justify and support the thermal control design solutions and verification status is described.
Technical Paper

Russian Systems Thermal Tailoring and Application on ATV Cargo Carrier

The Russian Equipment Control System (RECS) is a part of the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV), mounted on the Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC) and shall serve to control the Russian Docking System (RDS), the Russian Refueling System (RFS), as well as to enable power supply and ATV avionics control from the ISS Service Module (SM). The RECS equipment are able to provide electrical and functional interfaces between ATV avionics and RDS in free flight, at docking / de-docking from ISS and with ISS Service Module and RFS in attached phase. The RECS for ATV-ICC use is developed in the framework of a Contract between ALCATEL ALENIA SPACE - ITALIA and RSC-ENERGIA. The RECS instrumentation has been redesigned including both components borrowed from other projects (Soyuz, Progress) and newly developed components, designed to satisfy the thermal requirements applicable to RECS operation within ATV project.