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Technical Paper

An Influence of Reciprocating Motion of Rotary Shaft on Sealing Characteristics of Oil Seals for Automotive Transmission

It is clear that excessive lip wear is one of the origin of oil seal leakage in the market. In this paper, follows are discussed; Oil seals used for the rear side of automotive mission gear case have excessive lip wear as typical failure mode, and the sealing characteristics of oil seals is influenced by reciprocating motion of rotational shaft with rough surface.
Technical Paper

Comments on Oil Seals for Engine Applications in Small Size Japanese Passenger Cars

According to the 1982 Japanese Engine Data Book, 249 automobile engine models are used, including gasoline and diesel engines. Among them, 87 models (approximately 60% of all 4-cycle gasoline engine models), are designed for small passenger car applications, with displacements between 1.51 and 2.00. This paper will highlight the area such as Seals for Automobile Engine Applications, Present Automotive Engine Seal Situation in Japan and Countermeasure Activity for Field Claims.
Technical Paper

Comments on Oil Seals for Gas Pressurized Shock Absorbers of Automotive Suspensions

It has recently become popular to enclose gas in shock absorbers in order to improve thier performance. The operating condition of oil seals for shock absorbers, therefore, has been changing, and some problems with frictional characteristics and sealing performance have newly been observed. This paper discusses how the problems are solved experimentally and reviews the countermeasures to prevent such problems before they actually happen.
Technical Paper

Development of Low Friction Oil Seals for Automobiles

Improvement of automotive fuel consumption is subject of saving energy today. Oil seals with low friction for automobile are required in the market. In this report, an idea for decreasing the friction of seals and its concreate countermeasure are discussed. It becomes clear that developed low friction seals have good sealing performance as same as present seals.
Technical Paper

Development of New Type Oil Seal for Automotive Application

New type oil seals - nonwoven fabric secondary lip type oil seals are recently widely used for one of the sealing apparatus for automotive application. Basic improvement of this type of seals is in a secondary lip which prevents solid foreign matters such as dust and sand from entering into the rubbing portion between a primary lip of oil seals and a shaft. This secondary lip is superior in anti-dust property, wear resistance, following ability to the shaft eccentricity and air permeability to the conventional secondary lip of rubber. And the sealing performance of new type seals with the secondary lip made of special nonwoven fabrics is more stable than that of the conventional rubber seals.
Technical Paper

Sealing Reliability System on Oil Seals

Through the market experience and information analysis, the importance of Sealing Reliability Activity, especially at the beginning step of determining temporary design specification of oil seal and at the step of evaluation of prototype seals produced according to the temporary design specifications, is discussed.
Technical Paper

Trouble and Countermeasure of Seals for Automotive Application —Part II

In order to improve the reliability of seals for automotive application in practical use, it is considered that further basic investigations concerning sealing characteristics of seals are necessary. However, it has been found, from analyzing seals decided in the market as defective parts, that the troubles of seals in the market are mainly caused by both wrong handling for seals and the use under wrong operating condition which has not been expected by manufacturers of seals. Therefore, in order to improve the reliability of seals, it is important to investigate in detail troubles on functional characteristics of seals and their countermeasures. In this paper, on oil seals, O-rings, water pump seals and dust cover seals as seals for automotive application, the results of investigations are discussed.
Technical Paper

Troubles and Countermeasures on Oil Seals for Automotive Application

In order to improve the reliability of oil seals in practical use, it is considered that further basic investigation for maintaining good sealing characteristics of seals are necessary. However, the result of analysing phenomena in oil seals which has caused the oil leakage in the market shows that about 60 % of oil leakage is caused by the seal installation to housing bore or shaft, about 30 % thereof by unsuitable operating condition and remaining 10 % by the design of oil seals. From the point, oil leakage troubles and their countermeasures on oil seals for automotive application are discussed.