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SAE MOBILUS Subscription

AMS Metals: Carbon and Low Alloy Steels

The standards in this subscription were developed and issued by SAE's Carbon and Low Alloy Steels committee. They cover the full breadth of dimensions, tolerances, limits, and restrictions for these steels, as they are used for aerospace parts, systems and equipment. Specific topics include: Tolerances, Carbon and Alloy Steel Tubing Steel Cleanliness, Premium Aircraft-Quality Magnetic Particle Inspection Procedure Qualification Sampling and Testing of Steels for Transverse Tensile Properties Stress Relief of Steel Parts Standard Stock Removal Allowance Aircraft-Quality and Premium Aircraft-Quality Steel Bars and Mechanical Tubing
SAE MOBILUS Subscription

AMS Metals: Titanium and Refractory Metals

The standards in this subscription were developed and issued by SAE's Titanium and Refractory Metals committee. They cover the full breadth of applications related to massive, highly stressed, forged wing structures, and landing gear components, as well as small critical fasteners, springs, and hydraulic tubing. Specific topics include: Approval and Control of Premium-Quality Titanium Alloys Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloy Parts Terminology for Titanium Microstructures Tungsten Heavy Alloy Shapes, Sintered, High Density
SAE MOBILUS Subscription

Ground Vehicle Lighting

The Ground Vehicle Lighting subscription provides a comprehensive compilation of SAE standards relating to the design, engineering, testing, inspection, and installation of motor vehicle lighting and signaling equipment. Based on SAE’s HS-34 manual, this subscription includes the more than 110 current lighting standards, plus more than 400 historical versions of these standards, allowing users to track the evolution of a technology or process. Standards in this subscription cover the following categories: Lighting Standard Practices Road Illumination Devices Signaling and Marking Lighting Devices Switches and Flashers Test Procedures and Materials Warning Lamps and Devices Agricultural Machinery Construction and Industrial Machinery Special Purpose Vehicles Motorcycles Snowmobiles Electrical Systems Heavy Duty Vehicle Lighting
SAE MOBILUS Subscription

Wiley Aerospace Collection

Purchasable as an annual subscription and containing 30 eBook titles, the Wiley Aerospace Collection covers valuable engineering subject matter, such as aircraft fuel systems, aerodynamics, and propulsion. The series also goes beyond engineering, including eBooks on planning, logistical issues, and how human behavior can be managed and controlled while operating aircraft.
SAE MOBILUS Subscription

Wiley SAE MOBILUS® eBook Package

Committed to being the primary source for aerospace and ground vehicle engineering resources, SAE International has added the full compilation of our Wiley eBook collections to the SAE MOBILUS® technical resource platform. Purchasable as an annual subscription and containing the titles from the Wiley Aerospace Collection, the Wiley Automotive Collection, the Wiley Computer Systems Collection, and the Wiley Cyber Security Collection.