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Technical Paper

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids: A Review

There is an ongoing interest in biodegradable hydraulic fluids. Biodegradable fluids are often considered to include only vegetable oils, polyol esters and diester base stocks. However, other fluid base stocks including highly refined mineral oils, poly(alpha olefins) and fire-resistant fluids such as water-glycol hydraulic fluids are also biodegradable fluid alternatives. This paper will provide an overview of the international literature on biodegradable fluids, various international testing protocol, fluid base stocks, effect of oxidative stability, material compatibility and pump performance.
Technical Paper

Hydraulic Fluid Qualification: An Overview of Critical Considerations

There are numerous fluid-related performance concerns when hydraulic fluids are being qualified for use. These concerns are especially important when non-mineral oil derived hydraulic fluids are being qualified for use in unusual and critical applications. In this paper, a number of performance-related fluid deficiencies that may be encountered in use will be described.
Technical Paper

Root Cause Analysis of A Piston Pump Failure: A Case History

In many situations, the root cause of a particular failure may be determined based on the observation of a single part, or perhaps a photograph, taken from the failed system. However, when failure analysis is conducted on the complete component, a different result often emerges. Such is the case described here for a piston pump that was operating on an anhydrous poly(alkylene glycol) - PAG at high pressure. Initial observation suggested the fluid was the root cause of the failure. However, when failure analysis was properly applied, it was learned that the root cause of the failure was due to mechanical failure caused by the motor-to-pump coupling. This analysis procedure is presented as a case history in this report.