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Technical Paper

Image Analysis of Diesel Sprays

Time resolved measurements of non-evaporating, non-burning fuel sprays injected into a quiescent atmosphere were performed. The experimental parameters included ambient gas density, mass of fuel injected per stroke, pump speed, and nozzle diameter. High speed films of fuel sprays were obtained using a rapidly pulsed Cu-vapor laser in synchronization with a high frame rate film camera. The laser light intensity transmitted through the spray was recorded directly by the film camera. The information encoded on the film was subsequently digitized using a projector/CCD camera system. Finally, instantaneous ensemble averaged properties of droplets constituting the spray were estimated by quantitative analysis of the digitized transmission images. These measured properties included the Sauter mean diameter (SMD) averaged over the entire spray or over a given cross-section. In addition, the images yielded other spray parameters such as tip penetration, cone angle, and injection duration.