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Technical Paper

Microprocessor Control for Diesel Powered Equipment

This paper describes the design of a new microprocessor control system suitable for the control of a wide variety of diesel powered equipment. An application for controlling a diesel engine and centrifugal compressor for aircraft ground support equipment is discussed. The equipment supplies 400 Hz electrical power and compressed air for turbine engine starting and aircraft air conditioning. The Digital Electronic Control Unit (DECU) has a dual 16 bit microprocessor capability with a built in power supply, EMI filters and analog interface circuits. The DECU controls the engine fuel control valve, compressor variable inlet guide vanes, compressor variable angle diffuser position and air dump valve. The DECU can be configured to monitor up to .32 analog input channels and 32 digital channels. Four analog output, 32 digital output, and two RS-423 serial channels can be installed. EEPROM memory is used to store calibration data and to record fault history.
Technical Paper

Mobile High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Equipment

This paper describes the design of the new Ingersoll-Rand Mobile Waterjet Cutting equipment which provides an accurate cutting system for general construction applications. The innovative design of accessories permits remote cutting using up to 3060 Bar (45,000 psi) and 8.3 Llmin. (2.2 GPM) of water. Abrasive materials are added to cut hard materials. The waterjet cutting unit is powered by a diesel engine and is mounted on a mobile chassis which may be towed to the construction site. ABRASIVE WATERJET EQUIPMENT operating at pressures of 3060 BAR (45,000 psi) can cut every known material including reinforced concrete, steel and stone (1, 2)*. This paper describes the development and operation of a new mobile diesel powered high pressure waterjet cutting machine. The equipment has been used to cut up to 175 mm thick steel and 600 mm thick concrete. A hydraulic driven intensifier is used to generate the high water pressure.