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Technical Paper

Steer-Restoring Torque Controlled Driving Simulator for Developing Steering Road Feel

A driving simulator system for developing steering road feel has been developed. A new steering gear box or an electronic steering system is installed on the simulator and its road feel and control algorithm are developed according to the characteristics of any vehicle which has been programed into the engineering work-station. The vehicle model programed into the engineering work station runs according to the driver's operations, which are fed through the new steering system to be tested. The steer-restoring torque of the vehicle programed into the engineering work-station is produced by an actuator, and gives the impression through the new system of having been fed back from an actual road.
Technical Paper

User/Maker Cooperation in Benefiting an Automated Mechanical Transmission for a City Bus

Four years have passed since the automated mechanical transmission was first introduced in city buses, and this system is now making steady inroads into the market. The development of this system was a result of the cooperation between Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd., the largest bus and coach transportation company, and Hino Motors Ltd., the largest truck and bus manufacturer in Japan. First an investigation was conducted of the topography and traffic conditions of the bus routes, then trial runs and refinement of the computer control software was carried out using three chosen routes, and finally the actual performance of the system was tested according to the finalized specifications. This paper introduces the development process, provides a background to the city bus service, and describes the benefits brought by this system and the successful results of this cooperation.